The manufacturing sector is crucial in maintaining PATS’ innovative capacity, as our manufacturers are responsible for more than 70 percent of all business, which ultimately benefits other manufacturing and non-manufacturing activity. Finding the most suitable, committed, and reliable manufacturers is a challenging task but PATS is proud of manufacturing activities and long-lasting relationships between the company and main manufacturers.

Having a strong manufacturing base is vital to the UAE maintaining its breakthroughs in innovation. That is because advanced manufacturing and reliable manufacturers provide an essential institutional foundation for developing process skills and capabilities. The manufacturing sector is an essential source of innovation that is of great importance to our business, as it brings more effective solutions, unique approaches, and innovative technology. Support and dedication to a strong side of manufacturing relationship, therefore, improves other high value-added sectors of the economy, as well as PATS’ overall image in a competitive marketplace. Meet our top manufacturers who play a vital role in expanding our business and increasing influence in the UAE:

  • Knauf
  • Mada Gypsum System Company
  • Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solution
  • USG Boral
  • Gypsemna Company LLC
  • Saint-Gobain Gyproc
  • Hunter Douglas Group
  • Hadley Industries
  • Knauf AMF
  • Spit Tools & Fixings

  • Hilti Corporation
  • SAS International Metal Ceiling & Acoustic
  • Al Waseef Group
  • RAM Metal Industries LLC
  • Barrisol Stretch Ceilings
  • Stretch Ceiling
  • Stretch Ceiling SDceilings
  • BMG Metal False Ceiling Manufacturing LLC
  • Gemini Technical Industries
  • Paslode Fixings

Manufacturing provides the foundation for many kinds of innovations, so if manufacturing processes are inadequate or the expertise is tacit, it is impossible to innovate in a country or gain recognition, as well as involve new suppliers and manufacturers and attract more clients. All the above-mentioned manufacturers have contributed a lot to PATS’ products, technology, and services. A close and steady relationship with them continually helps us enhance our manufacturing and developing processes, as well as deliver high quality and innovative solutions. Besides, PATS manufacturers are known for their professionalism, outstanding approaches, and effective results – our strong collaboration with our reliable, credible, and assertive partners and our clients’ reviews are excellent proofs of effective and desired outcomes in every project. The bottom line is if PATS loses the ability or the capacity to connect to the best manufacturers, its innovation space will be pruned.