Gypsum False Ceiling

Crafting Excellence Above Your Head: Pro Active's Gypsum False Ceiling Mastery

Pro Active Technical Services LLC (PATS), a prominent name in the United Arab Emirates, has honed the art of creating breathtaking gypsum false ceilings. With over a decade of experience, we have earned a reputation for delivering flawless and visually stunning false ceiling solutions. Whether you're a homeowner looking to transform your living space, a school administrator needing acoustically optimized ceilings, or a business owner seeking sleek and modern false ceiling designs, PATS is your trusted partner.

Gypsum Ceiling Scope of Work



In the world of false ceilings, meticulous preparation is the foundation of a flawless finish. At PATS, we commence our projects with a thorough site assessment. Our expert team evaluates the structural integrity, lighting, and ventilation requirements. This step ensures that our gypsum ceiling solutions are aesthetically pleasing and functional.


The heart of any false ceiling project is its installation. PATS boasts a team of highly skilled technicians with a decade of experience. They flawlessly install gypsum boards, suspensions, and frames. We're known for our precision, ensuring the ceiling is level, and seamless, and can support any additional fixtures like lights or fans.


Accurate measurements are the key to a perfect fit. We take precise measurements to cut gypsum boards to the exact size required. This step minimizes wastage and results in a cost-effective solution for our clients.
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Our commitment to perfection extends to the finishing touches. After installation, we meticulously finish the joints and corners, leaving no visible seams. This attention to detail gives our gypsum ceilings a polished appearance that's second to none.


To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of our gypsum ceilings, we offer professional painting services. Our experts will advise you on the best color schemes and finishes to complement your space. Whether it's a vibrant look or a subtle one, we have you covered.


Sealing is vital to ensure the longevity of your gypsum ceiling. We use high-quality sealants to protect against moisture and environmental factors. This step guarantees that your ceiling retains its pristine look for years to come.
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Clean Up

Once the project is complete, our team takes care of the clean-up. You won't have to worry about debris or dust. We leave your space in a spotless condition, ready for you to enjoy your newly transformed area.

Materials & Equipment Needed for Gypsum Ceiling

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the materials and equipment we use for gypsum ceiling installations:
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Gypsum Boards

We source gypsum boards of the highest quality, known for their durability and superior finish. These boards not only provide a visually appealing surface but also contribute to the overall longevity of the ceiling, ensuring it remains pristine for years to come.
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Metal Framework

Our sturdy metal frameworks ensure the structural integrity of the ceiling. These frameworks are engineered to withstand the test of time, providing the necessary support for the gypsum boards and any additional fixtures. This robust foundation ensures a ceiling that is not only beautiful but also reliable.
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We use top-grade suspensions to hang the gypsum boards securely. These suspensions are designed for maximum stability, preventing any sagging or instability over time. With our expert installation techniques, you can trust that your gypsum ceiling will remain perfectly level.
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Measuring Tools

Precision is key, and we utilize advanced measuring tools for accurate dimensions. Our commitment to precise measurements ensures that every gypsum board is cut to the exact size required, minimizing material waste and saving you costs. It's all part of our dedication to efficiency and excellence.
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Finishing Materials

Our finishing materials are carefully chosen to achieve a seamless and polished look. We understand that the finishing touches are what truly elevate a gypsum ceiling. Our selection of materials not only ensures a flawless appearance but also guarantees that joints and corners are virtually invisible, creating a clean and elegant finish.
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Paints and Sealants

We use premium paints and sealants to protect and enhance the appearance of your gypsum ceiling. Our extensive range of paints allows you to customize the look of your ceiling to match your decor or branding. The sealants we apply provide a protective barrier against moisture and environmental factors, preserving the beauty of your gypsum ceiling for the long term.

Common Clients We Serve in Gypsum Ceiling

Our expertise in gypsum ceiling solutions has allowed us to serve a diverse range of clients, including:

Residential Buildings (Apartments)

We transform living spaces with elegant gypsum ceilings, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.


Our solutions provide schools with acoustically sound and visually appealing ceilings conducive to learning environments.

Shopping Malls

PATS elevates the shopping experience by creating stunning ceilings that set the stage for a memorable visit.


We help retail stores create inviting atmospheres with customized gypsum ceilings that reflect their brand identity.


Our hygienic and easy-to-maintain gypsum ceilings are ideal for healthcare facilities.


We install durable and robust gypsum ceilings that meet the unique needs of industrial settings.


PATS ensures efficient and well-lit workspaces in warehouses with our gypsum ceiling solutions.
Pro Active Technical Services LLC (PATS) is your trusted partner for exceptional gypsum false ceiling solutions in the UAE. Our technical expertise, meticulous approach, and commitment to quality set us apart. Contact us today to transform your space with our seamless gypsum ceilings.


What is the timeline for gypsum ceiling project?
The timeline for a gypsum ceiling project varies but typically ranges from 1 to 2 weeks for standard installations.
What are our safety procedures?
Our safety procedures adhere to industry standards, including the use of safety gear, secure scaffolding, and proper ventilation.
How much experience do we have as gypsum ceiling contractors in Dubai?
We have over a decade of experience as gypsum ceiling contractors in Dubai, with a strong track record of successful projects.
What are the insurance requirements?
Insurance requirements may vary based on project specifics. We recommend discussing this with our team for tailored guidance.