Main Suppliers

Working with suppliers is vital for business in terms of reliability, professionalism, and responsibility, as they act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and retailer, ensuring that communication is steady and product or service lifecycle is of sufficient quality. All successful companies plan long-term relationships with their suppliers, building a bridge between their organization and the vendor of external resources. Supplier relationship management in this regard represents the management of supplier resources on a global scale using advanced tools and information technology. PATS thus can be proud of the long list of main suppliers, who make the company get the highest authority, power, and trust from numerous clients across the UAE.

A common mistake when working with suppliers is the desire to work with everyone the same way. We consider it is illogical to behave in the same way with all suppliers, since the situations, their patterns, and attitudes are always different. At PATS, we genuinely appreciate every supplier and treat each of them in a unique and special way, as we care about a reliable and influential bond with different companies. Ultimately, the ability to work with leading and trustful suppliers can help a business grow; otherwise, unreliable suppliers can create pitfalls in the company’s workflow and have a more negative impact on customers and consumers. Meet our most trustful and important suppliers at PATS:

  • Al Danube Building Materials LCC (Danube)
  • Gemini Building Materials LCC (Gemini)
  • Arab Technical Establishment LCC (ATE)
  • Al Namariq Building Material Trading Company LLC (Al Namariq)
  • BMG Metal False Ceilings Manufacturing LLC (BMG)
  • Technomec Building Industries LLC (Technomec)

  • Ayhaco Gypsum Products Manufacturing LLC (Ayhaco)
  • Rock Fon Chicago Metallic Continental LLC (Rock Fon)
  • Al Waseef Building Materials Trading Company LLC (Al Waseef)
  • RAM Metal Industries LLC (RAM Metal)
  • Technical Metal Industrial Company LLC (TMI)
  • Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC (WOW)

Collaborating with suppliers help PATS foster innovations, build lasting relationships, invest in technology, reduce costs, and evaluate risks. We are fully committed to the effective supplier relationship management and control of our supply chain, alongside the ways in how we conduct business with our main suppliers. At PATS, we believe it is vital for our supply chain to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, as diversity helps us to meet the needs of all our customers and their projects. Ultimately, it enables us to source the products and services cost-effectively, adequately, and in innovative ways.