Acoustic Drywall Partition

Cut Down on Unnecessary Noises with Our High Quality Acoustic Drywall Panels in Dubai

Loud and unnecessary noises can be a huge source of discomfort both for you and others and if you are interested in creating a personalized space lately, we suggest you consider making it soundproof for a better and noise-free experience both at your workplace and home.

Pro Active Technical Services LLC is a leading false ceiling and acoustic drywall partition subcontractors in the UAE that is renowned for its efficient, premium quality and highly functional acoustic drywall partitions in Dubai for walls in your residential, corporate and commercial spaces including theaters, cinemas and recording studios all across the UAE.

We Provide Functional, Effective and Visually Appealing Acoustic Drywall Partitions in Dubai

Acoustic drywall panels in Dubai are widely popular among the people who work in noisy places or are closely associated with the audio visual field. These innovative and hi-tech acoustic drywall panels are perfect for wall assemblies and spaces which require a high sound transmission class performance. Not only do these panels reduce unnecessary background noises and echoes in a lace, they also add a great deal of visual appeal and aesthetics to your space.

The experts at PATS are fully committed in providing highly customized and specialized acoustic drywall partition solutions in the UAE that fully meet the requirements of our clients, we integrate latest techniques and use the most advanced tools to provide seamless, effective and cost effective installations for both small and large scale corporations and high end residential projects in Dubai.

We Have the Expertise, Experience and the Equipment to Provide Unique, Innovative and Compliant Solutions for Your Space

At PATS, we ensure that you get the highest quality solutions and services for your acoustic drywall partition and panel concerns in Dubai. For this reason, we have developed a team of highly specialized and experienced individuals who have both the expertise and the dedication to provide the most immaculate services and the unique ideas to transform your space both functionally and visually.

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